Transactional Sms Services

Why Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS is a non-marketing automated SMS service sent by a business to help the crowd along their journey. It is likewise used to further develop interaction with the customers by offering constant alerts and confirmations for bookings and orders. Transactional SMS is reliable, streamlined, time-sensitive, savvy and convenient.

Why customers choose us?

Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics

Track the status of each SMS sent progressively. Additionally get granular click reports to measure, test and optimize your transactional SMS campaigns.

flexible and scalable api integration

Flexible and Scalable API Integration

Easily adaptable and versatile SMS API gateway permitting you to start sending SMS from any application in minutes.

Enthusiast Customer support

Enthusiast Customer Support

Our Support Teams are only a click away. We invest wholeheartedly in giving better help than all clients, regardless of the organization size.


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1,000 Messages ₹295 29.5 paisa
2,000 Messages ₹590 29.5 paisa
5,000 Messages ₹1,375 27.5 paisa
10,000 Messages ₹2,750 27.5 paisa
25,000 Messages ₹6,250 25.0 paisa
50,000 Messages ₹10,750 21.5 paisa
1,00,000 Messages ₹19,500 19.5 paisa
2,50,000 Messages ₹46,250 18.5 paisa
5,00,000 Messages ₹87,500 17.5 paisa
10,00,000 Messages ₹1,70,000 17.0 paisa


Transactional SMS software is used by organizations so they can plan, execute, and send fundamental data and updates about the services and products of the organization to the targeted audience.

A transactional SMS gateway is the process where the SMS sent to the customer is updated alongside the delivery report that has the details like status and time of delivery.

Transactional SMS contain information messages, OTPs, confirmations to bookings or orders for the enlisted customers.
A promotional SMS is intended for sending offers, discounts, and so on to both existing customers and prospects.