SMTP Service

HandySends is primarily a cloud-based SMTP provider that allows you to send email without having to maintain email servers. For developers, it’s easy to get started. To send email through HandySends, just change your email configuration to point to our servers and include the credentials for your HandySends account. If you’re not already sending email from your app, we have a variety of integration options for you.

SMTP Service

SMTP Relay

Sending via SMTP Relay is the easiest way to get started with HandySends as it only requires modifying your SMTP configuration.

SMTP relay
"text/plain":"Thank you for your business"

Message header utilizing our SMTP API


HandySends also extends SMTP capabilities with the X-SMTPAPI header, allowing you to add JSON instructions to emails for additional tracking of events related to your send.

Additional APIs

HandySends Web API offers another option for integration and has a few advantages over SMTP integrations. The Web API is faster and includes functionality for managing user unsubscribes, managing IPs, templating emails, and more. Learn more about our other email APIs .

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