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Notify with Confidence Series 3 – Beginner’s Guide on Transactional Email Program

Understand transactional email to gain enormous user engagement rates. A transactional email is a robotized email between a sender and a beneficiary. It contrasts with a marketing email in that transactional email is set off by occasions, collaborations, or applications instead of by a company's marketing campaign. Therefore, transactional email is sometimes called "triggered" email. […]

Notify with Confidence Series 2 – Beginners Guide on Cold Emailing

Understand cold emailing to gain new prospects and derive ROI A Cold email is like throwing a dart in the dark. It may or may not strike. However, to increase the odds of reaching the bulls-eye, make sure you throw the dart correctly. “A cold email is an initial email sent to a recipient with […]

Webinar Advance Email Program – Series 1

UNLEASH THE PATH-BREAKING FORM OF ADVANCED EMAIL TECHNOLOGY Emails are always being made of an indestructible form of communication that cannot be cast off. As they serve as a strong tool in binding customers and clients. Advancement in email technology has set standards that are the need for the hour. It is observed that the […]